The Dy-Tech - Dynamic Technologies is a limited liability company; absolute is the first spin-off University - that is, with the University within the team including Corporate - University of Basilicata.

The Dy-Tech - Dynamic Technologies, consists of four researchers to enhance the wealth of know-how and skills acquired in the academic world in the field of Rural Construction and Engineering Agriculture, transferring the results and competences deriving from scientific research and development in the socio-economic and productive.

Dy-Tech offers:
innovative technology services for regional production companies, domestic and foreign, and the territorial government agencies;

Creation, management, design collaboration, monitoring, reporting and testing of technology transfer programs and applied research, and strategic cooperation projects and / or innovation at regional, national and international, to support private or public, in order to promote and increase the capacity and the potential of access to finance.

Dy-Tech is acting as a key player in the regional scientific landscape, as well as national and European level, with the mission of providing high-tech services for the world of agriculture and rural areas and to allow for a more streamlined and effective link between the world of business and public administration and academia.

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