Consulenza studio ed analisi
nei settori legati all'agricoltura e all'ambiante
specialisti in ingegneria naturalistica, riorganizzazione del verde urbano e delle alberature stradali.
Studio del pianeta
rilevazioni ed elaborazione di dati territoriali e ambientali

In order to carry out some activities, the company can also use the equipment and tools present in the laboratories Material tests and Topography, Photogrammetry, Cartography and GIS, provided by the Partner University of Basilicata.
Therefore, the Spin-off can offer:
o topographic measurements for the continuous monitoring of the landslides;
o spatial analysis and data management with GIS (systems);
o image processing and 3D modeling;
o mechanical characterization and spectro-radiometric analysis on traditional, innovative and recycled agricultural plastics;
o mechanical tests on natural and synthetic materials to recover rural buildings according sustainable techniques and methodologies;
o monitoring of environmental components water, air and soil.

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